17 Sep 2015

This whole love business...

You know what's really difficult? Getting credibility when you're young. Nobody really believes anything you say, even the people who are the same age as you.
If you come up to me and tell me that you are in love, (and you're below twenty five,) I'm not going to believe you. Give it a couple months and a lot of me analysing your relationship, and I will begin to consider the idea.
Assholes like me are proof that no young person means shit to anybody, unless they can really prove themselves.
Assholes like me are why I don't trust many people. I figure, if I'm so bad, how terrible must the rest of the world be?
Going back to the 'in love' thing, due to my cynical opinion, I don't really expect anybody to believe that I could love someone at this age. But I suppose that's one thing about love: you don't have to believe it for it to be true.
Before this gets all gross and romantic, just to be clear, I'm not in a relationship, and this whole love business is a lot more messy than I care to explain right now.
Regardless, I don't need other people to confirm that my feelings are real, because I know they are, and even though I think it's ridiculous that someone so young could feel this way, I would say that I am living proof that it is possible.
It still pisses me off when people tell me I'm wrong about it, but I can deal with that.
And yes, I do notice when people who don't believe it tell me they do. So don't bother with that. Or do, if it makes you feel better. I'll play along, but you'd better realise that I know you're just as cynical as me.

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