3 Sep 2015

... come here to laugh at how dumb I am...

I have been absent from this side of the internet for a fair amount of time, and I can explain why. I can, but I won't.
It's like when people who make YouTube videos don't post for a while. Their next video is always them pointing out that they were gone. It's fair enough to give it a mention, but nobody gives that many craps about you going away for a couple weeks. Don't make a whole damn video about it!!

Yes, I've been away for months. (Maybe even a year... two? I don't know. I'm forgetful and I lose track of time easily.) But I know for sure that nobody cares about me being gone that long.
My reasons for disappearing will all slowly come out anyway. I have stories to tell, and nobody will be able to escape. Unless they go to another web page. Please don't do that. I need your attention. Even if it's bad attention. I don't mind. Feel free to tell me I'm annoying and stupid.
Though there are some who don't want fame, deep down, most people do, me included. I'd like to be known for something good, but at this point I'm not so sure if I care whether people like me or not. Enough people hate me already, so why not be hated and famous too?
If I became known (not likely) for being the most horrible person on the internet, I think I would be proud, because at least my existence is entertaining someone somewhere.
Of course I'm kidding. Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone also wants to be noticed though.
That isn't really the purpose of my writing here. I actually just want to develop my writing skills and blah blah blah serious stuff, but hey if people come here to laugh at how dumb I am then that's a great extra result!
Some day I'll have more than just my mum to tell me that I'm good at stuff.
Oh wait. Now I have some GCSEs to let me know that too. HA!

(5 As, and 5 Bs bitches... We don't have to talk about the two other grades.)

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